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Welcome to JammNation, where the vibrant world of music and state-of-the-art technology harmoniously blend. Rooted in our deep appreciation for music, we’ve crafted an environment where artists and fans unite, breaking down barriers and forging profound connections.


Rob Hillier

In the sprawling expanse of coal country in Western Australia, where the red dust rises, and the spirit of the land is as indomitable as its people, Rob Hillier’s story began. The second eldest of six siblings, Rob’s life was steeped in the rhythms of country living – a tale of mischief and chores, of wide-open spaces and close-knit family ties.

It was in this rustic cradle, under the watchful eyes of Grandma Grace, a shearer’s cook and matriarch to eleven, that Rob’s values were forged. Grace, with a heart as warm as the outback sun and a will as enduring as oak, instilled in him a deep respect for hard work. From her, Rob learned to pluck chooks, dress a lamb, and, importantly, the profound stories of country lore. It was around her bustling kitchen, to the soundtrack of Slim Dusty, that Rob’s love for country music took root, setting the stage for the creation of JammNation.

Rob’s journey from a country boy to a visionary entrepreneur was as practical as it was unexpected. At 17, he earned an apprenticeship with Caterpillar, becoming a heavy-duty plant mechanic. His career was the embodiment of the blue-collar dream.

At the age of 30, Rob met his life’s co-pilot, the only girl in Perth who shared his passion for country twangs and heartfelt lyrics. Their bond over music and shared values was undeniable, and at 34, Rob and his sweetheart, tied the knot.

Their marriage was a partnership forged on the back of a cattle ranch, where they raised two children and countless livestock. During this time, Rob also helmed an earthmoving business and a mining camp, epitomising the entrepreneurial spirit that would later fuel JammNation’s creation.

The ranch sale was a bittersweet farewell to a life chapter filled with memories, but it opened the doors to a new beginning in Perth. With the heart of a country boy and the acumen of a seasoned entrepreneur, Rob recognised a gap in the music industry. He saw tech as a bridge between the authenticity of old country values and the innovation of modern connectivity. Thus, JammNation was born – a digital haven for music lovers to come together, a space where artists and fans could interact without barriers.

JammNation is Rob’s vision brought to life, a tribute to his roots, and a bridge between time-honoured traditions and modern technology. It’s a community where hard work, loyalty, and a shared passion for music create intimate, barrier-free experiences. Welcome to JammNation—where the country’s spirit meets the heartbeat of the digital world.



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What sets JammNation apart from other music platforms?

Experience the magic of JammNation on the go! Our app brings the latest tracks, exclusive content, and a tight-knit music community right to your device. Available for iOS and Android. Dive in and get closer to the music that matters.

Absolutely. Your privacy is our priority. We adhere to stringent data protection guidelines to ensure every user’s information is safe and never misused.
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